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Why did TimeHero plan my task after the due date?
Why did TimeHero plan my task after the due date?

Possible reasons why your task is showing as "Behind" and scheduled after its due date.

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Before we get into this, let's recap how TimeHero automatically plans tasks:

  1. TimeHero looks at a task's assignee, work estimate, start date, due date, any links to other tasks/events, and priority. It also looks at the start date and due date of the project where the task is saved.

  2. It then attempts to schedule the task in one continuous block inside the assignee's work hours. This block is as long as the work estimate (e.g. 2 hours). TimeHero will try to schedule the task before its due date, before the project's due date, and according to any links you have set.

If TimeHero can't schedule a task before its due date, it will schedule the task after the due date. The due date will then turn an orange-red colour to indicate that the task is behind schedule.

TimeHero may not be able to automatically schedule tasks because:

  • The assignee is busy with other, more important tasks and meetings. Either assign the task to another team member, or try changing the priority of the task to get it to schedule sooner.

  • The assignee does not have enough continuous free time to work on the task before the due date. If this is the case, the assignee may need to remove themselves from some events, extend their work hours, or toggle Task Splitting to split the task into smaller blocks of time.

  • One or more of the task's links might be conflicting. If a task is set to start 7 days after an event, but is due 3 days after that same event, TimeHero won't schedule the task until 7 days after the event – making the task behind.

  • The project start date may be set to after the task is due. Check the start date on the project, and adjust as necessary.

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