TimeHero is very flexible with how you organize your work. You can create or "nest" folders within folders within folders, which makes it easy to track work however you'd like!

To track billable vs non-billable hours for a client, first create a folder for the client (if you haven't already). Inside that folder, create another folder for what you're working on. 

To create a folder inside a folder, click on the NEW button, and choose 'folder' here:

Inside the folder for whatever you're working on, create two new projects: one for billable tasks, one for non-billable tasks. When you view the timesheet for that folder, you'll see hours split between billable and non-billable. Like this:

You can then export this timesheet as a CSV file, to edit as a spreadsheet or import into your billing software. Timesheets are available for any project or folder.

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