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How can I assign a task to multiple people?
How can I assign a task to multiple people?

Working with multiple team members on a task? Here's how to do that.

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When planning each task, TimeHero looks at how long the task will take and tries to plan it in free time within that team member's calendar. Because of this, TimeHero's AI-powered planning algorithm is best suited to tasks which are assigned to one person. 

Sometimes, you'll need to assign a task to a group of people. Let's use the example "Build website" – this is a general task which needs to be done by two people: Jill and Sally.

Let's assume the website is going to take 10 hours to build. You could add the task like "Build website for 10 hours," but this will add the task for only one team member:

As a best practice, work should be divided into what each team member will be responsible for. This helps avoid situations where every team member thinks someone else is responsible for moving work forward on a task.

In this example, we could divide the work into:

"Build website back-end for 5 hours @Jill"
"Build website front-end for 5 hours @Sally"

This will create two tasks: one for Jill and one for Sally, and each team member knows what they're responsible for:

If you are creating a task and don't know the breakdown of team members or specifics yet, you could instead create a project (e.g. "Build website") then designate someone else to plan out the work!

In the new project, create a task "Plan work for 30m" and assign it to the team member who should be responsible for planning the project.

Then add another task, "Build website for 10h" and change the assignee to "Unassigned" like this:

 Hit enter to add the task, and you'll end up with a project that looks like this:

Feel free to reach out using the icon at the bottom-right of your screen if you have any questions on how to best plan work in TimeHero!

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