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How to connect your Apple iCal to TimeHero via Google
How to connect your Apple iCal to TimeHero via Google

Transfer all your events, meetings and appointments located in iCal over to TimeHero.

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Lots of people use iCal to keep track of their meetings, events and appointments, it’s easy. The problem is if you only have these things in iCal it is hard to share it.  For TimeHero it’s important to have all your meetings and appointments in one place. This article shows a work around to bring your events from iCal into TimeHero. 

In Calendar on your Mac:

  1. Click on Calendars, upper left, to show the list of your calendars

  2. Right click on the calendar that you want to share

  3. Click on Sharing Settings...

  4. Check Public Calendar

  5. Copy the URL

In your Google Calendar (

  1. Click on the drop down arrow to the right of Other calendars in the left hand column of the window

  2. Click on Add by URL

  3. Paste the URL from your Apple Calendar in the URL: field

  4. Click on Add Calendar

  5. To change the name of the calendar:

  6. Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the calendar

  7. Click on Calendar settings

  8. Change the name at Calendar Name:

In your TimeHero account 

  1. Open the settings menu by clicking on your user profile icon in the bottom left corner

  2. Click on Integrations 

  3. Select and open the Google Integration 

  4. Click Edit Synced Calendars. Select the new calendar and add it to TimeHero. You will now have your events and appointments from your iCal.

  5. Save the synced categories

Your iCal tasks that were synced with your Google calendar will now be uploaded into TimeHero and scheduled according to if you chose 'busy by default' or 'available by default'. 

By choosing 'busy by default' you are letting TimeHero know that you will be unavailable to complete tasks during that scheduled appointment or meeting, if you choose 'available by default', TimeHero will still schedule tasks to be completed during that time. 

Need more help? Ask TimeHero anytime in the chat icon located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

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