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How to sync your Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendar events to TimeHero
How to sync your Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendar events to TimeHero

Bring your events and meetings from your Google or Office 365 calendars into TimeHero, so that TimeHero can better schedule your tasks.

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As much as you might like to, it's pretty rare to work interruption-free. Most people's days are punctuated by "meetings," "appointments," and breaks where you have to "eat food." It's horrible.

TimeHero's pretty great at scheduling your work, but it can't read minds – yet. So you can greatly improve TimeHero's ability to plan out your work into the future by syncing your Google or Office 365 calendar.

By doing this, TimeHero will see when you're actually free to work on tasks, and can plan them out accordingly.

If you didn't connect one when you created your account, don't worry! You can still add as many calendars you'd like. Here's how.

How to connect a calendar

In the lower-right corner of your screen you'll see either your profile image or your first initial in a circle. Click this to open your user menu:

Here, you'll be greeted by TimeHero's major integrations. Feel free to connect more than a calendar! Click whichever calendar you'd like to connect, and follow the prompts from there.

Once you've authenticated, TimeHero will give you a screen to import your calendars. This is where the fun begins.

  • The checkbox shows which calendars will be synced to TimeHero

  • The eye icon controls whether events from that calendar are shown by default in TimeHero (if you're busy by default, this option won't be available)

  • The Set availability dropdown tells TimeHero whether you'll be busy or available during the events in that calendar.

Busy by default: you can't work on tasks during these events, so TimeHero will schedule less tasks for you that day

Available by default: you are able to work on tasks when these events are scheduled, so TimeHero won't take them into consideration when planning tasks.

As an example, if you share a vacation calendar with your team this is a calendar you'd want to set to Available by default – just because another team member is on vacation doesn't mean you're not available to do work!

You can always change the Available/busy status of events later, either by changing the calendar default or on a per-event basis.

Once you've set up your calendars, save your changes, and TimeHero will start syncing your events!

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