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Introducing TimeHero to your team
Introducing TimeHero to your team
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Why TimeHero?

It's important when introducing any new tool to be able to show your team why the tool will help them. TimeHero is no different – and luckily, the benefits are clear! Here are a few:

  • Focus on crushing deadlines, not planning

  • Fewer update meetings

  • Have a clear idea of your priorities

  • Stay on track more easily

  • Stop searching for relevant info

Pain points

Establish some pain points to help explain why you want to use TimeHero for your team. Here are some examples:

  • Too many competing priorities
    There's a lot that you're working on, and you're either not clear on how to prioritize your work to get everything done on time, or it's taking too much time to plan.

  • Not clear how work is progressing.
    You need to have frequent update meetings to see if people have completed work, and get a sense of where projects are at.

  • Files and decisions are getting lost or hard to find.
    Either in email or a chat app or across multiple apps, key information is scattered and hard to find.

  • Can't effectively plan work into the future.
    When a new client or project lands on your desk, you don't know when it can be slotted in along with the rest of your team's work.

  • Workflows and processes are inconsistent.
    Steps sometimes get missed, or one person does things a different way to another.

Goals for using TimeHero

Imagine an ideal scenario where your whole team is using TimeHero. 

  • What does your day-to-day work look like?

  • What projects are you working on?

  • What processes are you automating?

How to start

Armed with your paint points and goals, here's a step-by-step guide to getting your team onboard.

  1. Pick the work you want to try to get done using TimeHero, and build your first project or template. See the section below for more details.

  2. Invite team members to TimeHero – but ideally not your whole team. Start with a trial project with a few team members.

  3. Have a TimeHero kickoff meeting!

  4. Share how to get support and links to best practice resources.

  5. Book a live online training session

If required, loop in team leads, executives, and other influential stakeholders that can promote and reinforce using TimeHero as a new planning tool.

1. Build your first project or template

When getting your first few team members onboard, it helps to pick a small, simple upcoming project with a distinct start and end. The specific project depends on your team, but some examples are:

  • An upcoming team event/meeting

  • A new work request

  • Customer success tasks for a new client

Make sure that there's something for each team member in the project. Try to get team members involved in your tasks and other folks' tasks by communicating via each task's activity feed.

Tip: if you build your first project as a template, you create as many copies of the project as you'd like and can encourage team members to play around with the new project to see how things work.

2. Invite team members

This is the easy step – once you've got the project set up, invite the relevant team members.

Once you invite them and they create TimeHero accounts, make sure you assign them their tasks in the project (and reassign in the template too).

3. TimeHero kickoff meeting

Once you've got a few people comfortable using TimeHero and you've completed your first project, it's a good idea to bring it to the rest of the team via a kickoff meeting. See Hold a TimeHero kickoff meeting for your team.

4. Support and best-practice resources

Throughout this process, it's helpful to share and refer to TimeHero resources in case anyone has any questions. These include:

  • Knowledge base – articles to help your team hit the ground running with TimeHero.

  • Video guides – watch some videos on TimeHero to see how everything works.

  • Live chat – click this icon in the lower right corner of your screen to message our team at any point if you have a question or need assistance!

5. Book a free live online training session

Our customer success experts can help get your team up and running fast.

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