Create tasks from Slack

Connect Slack to TimeHero via our Slack integration to easily capture work from Slack and automatically plan it in TimeHero.

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Available with TimeHero Pro!

If you use Slack to communicate with your team, you know that it's a fantastic tool for staying in touch and collaborating.

You may have also noticed that it can be easy to lose track of things that need doing – in busy conversations, the chat feeds can scroll at a relentless pace.

Our goal is to help you capture, prioritise, and automatically this work as easily as possible. With our Slack integration, connect your Slack account to TimeHero and create tasks directly from messages, or using the /timehero create command.

Here's how it works:

1. Connect your Slack account to TimeHero

From our integrations page, connect your Slack account to your TimeHero account.

You'll be asked to sign in, and authorize your Slack team to connect to your TimeHero team.

2. Create tasks from Slack

Now that you're connected, there's two ways to create tasks:

Create tasks from messages
Hover your mouse over a message (or tap the message in the mobile app) and click the "more options" menu, which looks like this: •••

Then choose "Create task" to add a task in TimeHero! You'll be able to change the task's name, work estimate, project, assignee, and due date – all from within Slack! 

Create tasks using a command
You can also create tasks using the command /timehero create

Typing this into your message box and hitting enter will open a window where you can add all the details for your task. 

If you want, you can add the name of the task at the end of this command, e.g. /timehero create Write report will open the window with "Write report" pre-filled as the task name.

3. See your tasks plan automatically in your TimeHero calendar

When Slack sends TimeHero a task, TimeHero will automatically plan it in your calendar and keep you on track to complete it by its due date!

Note: the task must have a work estimate and be created within a project that has a start date for TimeHero to plan the task automatically.

More tips

Do you use more than one Slack workspace? Connect them all to your TimeHero account! That way, you can manage all of your tasks in your TimeHero team and stay on track, even when working with different groups.

Want to bring a file from Slack into TimeHero? You can create a task from any file (up to 9mb in size) the same way you turn any message into a TimeHero task – via the "more options" ••• menu!

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