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Video course: complete overview
Video course: complete overview

Everything you need to know to save the most amount of time with TimeHero.

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Inbox (1:01)

See how TimeHero's inbox is a perfect place to quickly add tasks, and assign tasks to others.

Adding tasks (1:39)

TimeHero makes it quick and easy to add the work you need to do – get full control over TimeHero's automated scheduling with this overview of how to add tasks, and how TimeHero plans them in your schedule around any events and meetings.

Projects (12:03)

Sometimes basic to-do lists don't cut it – TimeHero projects help bring TimeHero's automated scheduling to the powerful organization of projects, giving you total control over your work, visibility into whether or not projects are on track, and an automated timesheet so you know who's done what. All while keeping your work clean and organized.

Folders (2:49)

Unlimited organization of your tasks and projects? Check. TimeHero lets you put projects inside folders inside folders inside folders, so you can organize work your way. TimeHero brings together auto-generated timesheets and Gantt charts for everything in the folder as well, giving you the power to see reports on a macro level, then drill down for the details.

Templates (4:36)

Nothing's better than getting something right the first time. TimeHero templates help you plan out your processes in advance so you can repeating them effortlessly. Combined with TimeHero's automated scheduling, it's a productivity powerhouse to be reckoned with.

Timer (1:36)

See how TimeHero's timer can help you (and your team) work smarter, get better insight, plan better, and put in hours where it counts.

Reports (4:10)

TimeHero plans tasks for you and your team – so naturally TimeHero has a good sense of when work can get done, and when projects will be completed. TimeHero uses this information to generate automatically updating Gantt charts, fill out timesheets as you and your team complete tasks, and gives you a sense of what everyone's working on via the workload view. All without you having to lift a finger. Well, except to click on the report titles.

Working with a team (4:50)

TimeHero gets exponentially more useful when you're working together with others! Check out this video to see how you can use TimeHero to work better as a team, manage your team and your work better together, and stay on track.

Pro tips (8:35)

Now that you're really getting comfortable planning your work, check out some advanced tips for getting the most out of TimeHero.

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