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Invite guests to collaborate on a project
Invite guests to collaborate on a project

How to share projects with guests, or people outside of your team. Assign tasks to guests, share files, review work, and more.

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If you're working with clients, or contractors, or other folks who aren't part of your TimeHero team, it can be hard to keep everything in one place.

You can add these people as guests to TimeHero projects to collaborate on work, comment on tasks, attach or review files, and more.

Inviting guests

To get started, from the top-right options menu in a project, choose "Guest access."

From there, enable guest access (no one will have access until you add them via email.)

Next, choose which things you'd like guests to be able to see. You'll have the option of showing or hiding individual tasks too.

One this is enabled, you can either invite guests via email, or toggle off certain tasks and events. The orange eye means that the task is visible to guests.

Assigning tasks to guests

Once guests have accepted the invitation and joined the project, you can assign tasks to them as you would a normal TimeHero user. The guest will see the task assigned to them with an 'action required' badge, and be able to check it off.

This is what guest users see! It's a barebones version of the project that only conveys vital information.

Commenting, uploading files, and reviewing files

If enabled, guests will be able to see comments and files on tasks, and reply in-line. This is great for collaborating on work or reviewing files. You can tag gets like you would other TimeHero users using @[username] and they'll get a notification that they were tagged in a comment.


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