Start a timer on a task

Get better insight into how much time you spend on tasks and projects using timers!

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Want a quick overview? Here's a video! (1:36)

If you need to bill clients for how much time you spend working for them, or if you  just need some better insight into exactly how long it's taking you to get work done, use timers in TimeHero to track your time!

You can start a timer on any task, from anywhere.

Right-click or use the context menu on tasks in your schedule...

...or tasks in a project...

...or from an open task!

This will start a timer in your schedule. Here, you'll see: 

  1. The task name which you can click to open the task in case you need to reference any details

  2. Elapsed time

  3. Elapsed time vs estimate

Pause the timer at any point by hitting 'S' on your keyboard, or by clicking the pause icon. Resume it by hitting 'S' again, or clicking the play button.

When paused, the timer looks like this:

You can start and stop timers as often as you'd like on as many different tasks as you'd like – time only gets logged to a task when you Log and complete the work.

When you finish working on a task, click the pause/play icon and log time to the task – the elapsed time will be right there!

Start a timer on the desktop app, and it'll immediately appear in the TimeHero mobile app – and vice versa.

To download our apps, head to and scroll to the bottom under the Resources section.

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