New Priortization Model

An update to how TimeHero schedules tasks

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We have made modifications to our prioritization engine to improve performance and schedule predictability. However, these changes may affect your workflow depending on how you are using TimeHero.

What’s changed?

We are using a more implicit deadline prioritization. Basically deadline is king, prioritization kicks in if tasks have the same deadline.

High or Critical tasks without due dates will no longer jump to the front of the line. Priority is now relative. Use due dates along with a priority to ensure things schedule above or below other items that may have the same deadline. Tasks with the earliest deadline will schedule first and if there is a tie then the highest priority will schedule. This includes tasks without a due date which are considered to have the same due date and will fit wherever they can as long as they don’t put anything else in jeopardy. Add priority to tasks without a due date to make them rank higher and be first to schedule when there is a possibility or gap.

There are several ways to schedule a task right away.

  1. Pin task to today

  2. Pin task to today and give a priority such as marking a task as critical which will then go in front of other pinned tasks that have lower priority.

  3. Create a task with a due date of today. This will schedule as soon as it can but not before overdue, and tasks also due today with a higher priority. Add a priority and a due date to give tasks the best shot at scheudling their earliest using automated scheduling.

NEW! Optional 'Strict deadline' projects:

You can now optionally turn on “Strict deadline scheduling” which makes any tasks in the project that are without a due date, to then inherit the project's due date. This due date will be used to determine its scheduling priority. If the project ‘due’ date changes, then the tasks will automatically inherit the new due date. You can override the inherited due date at any time and the added due date will take precedence. Tasks with an user added due date rank higher than tasks that are equal but have inherited due dates.

The AI will still attempt to make sure nothing misses as well all gaps will fill with smaller tasks regardless of their priority if just nothing else will fit.

Please feel free send us a message directly if you have any questions or require further explanation.

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