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Sync Asana tasks with TimeHero to plan them
Sync Asana tasks with TimeHero to plan them

Sync tasks assigned you in Asana with your TimeHero account. Add an estimate and TimeHero will plan the tasks for you!

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If you're looking for a way to work out which tasks in Asana you need to be working on, or if you're looking to try out TimeHero's powerful automated planning, there's no easier way than connecting your Asana account with TimeHero!

To get started, connect your Asana account from the Asana integration page.

Once connected, TimeHero will look for any tasks that are assigned to you in your Asana teams. Those tasks will be synced to TimeHero, and you can view them under the new Asana icon on the left-side menu.

(You can change which projects are synced at any time by changing your Sync Settings via the button in the screenshot above or via the Asana integration page.)

From here, click into a project and add tasks to your plan by adding a work estimate, like this:

You can also link tasks' start and due dates so that TimeHero plans them in the right order. Under the 'start' or 'due' column, add a link! For more information about linking tasks, see Why can't I link to certain tasks?

If you'd like to add the same estimate to multiple tasks in a project, you can select multiple tasks at once using the Cmd/Ctrl key or the Shift key on your keyboard:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via 

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